French Farmers Use Liquid Manure to Show How Government Protests Should Always Be Conducted

Rosalicka /
Rosalicka /

We really need to do better as Americans. We’re terrible at protesting when compared to the French. “Ooh! BLM torched a Wendy’s!” Do you really think that phases our politicians at all? Of course, it doesn’t. The French, on the other hand, know how to stage a protest that gets the attention of the people in charge. After the French government imposed new taxes on farmers because of global warming (which is fake), the French farmers responded in epic fashion. They poured tens of thousands of gallons of liquefied cowsh*t on government offices across the country. Now THAT is how you protest the government!

You have to understand that the inflation that we are suffering here in America because of Joe Biden is even worse in the EU. That’s also Joe Biden’s fault, by the way. When Joe Biden committed an act of environmental terrorism by blowing up the Nord Stream Pipeline, it caused energy prices in all of Europe to skyrocket. Their economies are completely wrecked because Joe Biden blew up that pipeline.

So, even as farmers are struggling under record-high inflation caused by Joe Biden, the French government is now trying to force them to pay even higher taxes to fight the global warming that was caused by Joe Biden blowing up that pipeline. See how that works? It’s like the arsonist who takes a job at the fire department. He’s never out of work!

Farmers, of course, are going to be forced out of business by these tax hikes—which is the whole point of the tax hikes. Western governments that have been captured by hostile foreigners at the World Economic Forum expect us to all eat bugs and be happy now. No more hamburgers for us! Unfortunately, that means no more dairy farms, beef farms, and vegetable farms, either. That’s part of the goal.

French farmers aren’t lying down and taking this lightly, however. It feels really weird to be writing this, but the French seem to be great at protesting. You don’t want them on your side in a war. They are a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys, after all. But when it comes to protesting their own government, the French are a bunch of OG gangstas.

In addition to higher taxes, the French government is demanding that farmers cull hundreds of thousands of heads of livestock because global warming cultists believe that it will save the weather if they just kill a bunch of sheep and cows and pigs for no good reason. This has already sparked massive protests in Denmark, where farmers were forced to cull 10% of their herds last year, and in Ireland, where the government has demanded the deaths of 200,000 cows next year to appease the volcano gods or something. (These climate weirdoes are so weird!)

The French farmers had the perfect response to all of this bullsh*t, however. They poured thousands of gallons of bullsh*t on government buildings. Don’t you wish the January 6ers had thought of that?

It may not ultimately convince the politicians to rescind the taxes, but it definitely sends a message on how the people really feel about the globalists running our countries to see government buildings doused in tons and tons of cowsh*t.

See for yourself: