California Voters Move to Repeal State’s Pro-Transgender Legislation That Targets Kids

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

The communist supermajority in the California legislature has been on a tear for the past couple of years when it comes to anti-family and anti-child legislation. It doesn’t help that Governor Hair Gel Hitler (Gavin Newsom) eagerly signs every one of these pro-transgender insanity bills into law as quickly as he can. Fortunately, California voters have the ability to gather signatures and place a referendum on the ballot to overturn their crazy legislature. They’re trying to do that in time for the 2024 elections, so they can overturn some of the state’s newest transgender laws.

You’ve probably already heard about many of the lunatic anti-family, pro-trans laws that the California legislature has passed. For example, if a gay person commits anal rape against a child as young as 14 in California, they no longer get put on the state’s sex offender registry. That’s an actual law that the legislature passed, and Hair Gel Hitler signed it!

If a child wants to “socially transition” into a different gender while they’re at school, the public schools are now required to not tell the parents this is happening. Because otherwise, every normal, mentally healthy parent would immediately rush their child into psychological counseling and try to figure out which teacher has been molesting the poor kid.

It’s also legal in California now for biological boys to crush the girls in every sport and take all their trophies away from them. And if the parents of a child in California object to their child falling for this social contagion/fad, the state can take the child away and sterilize them with dangerous puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormones, and ghoulish genital mutilation surgeries. Parents have no rights at all if the sickos in the California public schools groom their child into thinking they’re the wrong gender.

The group Protect Kids California has gotten fed up with this hot sidewalk garbage masquerading as “law” and they’re trying to do something about it. The group is gathering signatures to try to get a referendum on the ballot next year to overturn this insanity. Polling indicates that as many as 70% of parents in California are opposed to these nutjob laws.

Despite popular opinion about Californians these days, the voters have had some major successes in overturning their crazy legislature via referendums. In 1994, they passed Proposition 187 which prohibited the state government from providing free healthcare, education, and welfare to illegal alien invaders. A 59% majority of California voters passed that. (Then the state just ignored it and gave benefits to the illegals anyway.)

In 2008, the California voters passed Proposition 8 with a 52% majority. That was the proposition that banned gay marriage in California. Contrary to popular belief, every state that was allowed to vote on whether so-called “gay marriage” should exist, including California, voted against it. There has never been majority support in any state for gay marriage. It only became “the law of the land” when a liberal-controlled US Supreme Court suddenly found a “right” to gay marriage that the Founding Fathers had slipped into the Constitution that no one had ever noticed before.

Don’t be surprised if the California voters easily gather enough signatures and overturn these crazy pro-trans laws next year. Naturally, the media will call them a bunch of bigots trying to do something “controversial,” despite the fact that all mentally healthy parents are opposed to letting the government sexually mutilate their children.