The Bidens’ Abused Family Dogs Have Now Bitten 24 Secret Service Agents

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It looks like public office is not the only thing that Joe and Jill Biden have been abusing for years now. The Bidens were finally forced to give their German shepherd named Commander away to relatives after the animal viciously attacked another Secret Service agent. The agent was brutalized so badly that tours to the East Wing of the White House had to be shut down so they could mop the blood off the floor. Records show that the Bidens’ dogs have now been involved in 24 separate attacks on Secret Service and other White House personnel.

As any dog owner can tell you, German shepherds do not behave this way unless they are being viciously abused and beaten by their owners. Their high level of intelligence makes them ideal for K-9 duties, bomb sniffing, and other tasks. They’re also ideal family pets because they are loving and protective. For two family pets to turn out this vicious, it can only mean that the dogs are being abused by someone in the completely dysfunctional Biden family.

Reports of dog attacks at the White House first surfaced in July 2023. At the time, the Bidens’ other dog Major had been involved in savagely biting at least seven Secret Service agents. When one of those reports was leaked to the New York Post, Joe Biden claimed that the Secret Service agent was lying. In case you were wondering just how much of a sociopath Joe Biden might be.

Just a few days after those first reports came out, Commander savagely ripped a Secret Service agent’s arm open at their Rehoboth Beach mansion (which the Bidens paid for with foreign bribe money). Without warning, the dog ran to the security booth at the mansion’s gate and began ripping the agent’s arm apart. The incident report stated that the attack caused “a severe deep open wound” that required stitches, antibiotics, and hospitalization.

In another attack that the White House covered up, Commander took down a Secret Service agent inside the Kennedy Garden next to the East Wing, next to Jill Biden’s office. The dog was wandering around inside the garden without a leash on. As a Secret Service agent was walking across the opposite side of the lawn, about a hundred feet away from the dog, it charged and took him to the ground. The agent received a deep bite to the arm that required stitches.

“East Wing Tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to blood from the incident being on the floors in the area of the [lobby connecting the East Wing to the White House]” states the report documenting that attack.

In November 2022, a Secret Service agent was on duty and seated at the base of a White House stairwell when Commander attacked him. He bit the agent’s thigh and arm. During a family movie night in December 2022, Joe Biden took Commander off the leash and he immediately bit an agent’s arm and hand, breaking the skin. In January 2023, the dog attacked a security technician in the Bidens’ Delaware mansion and bit the man in the back.

Does any of this sound like normal behavior from a happy, well-adjusted pet?

The Biden’s dog Major had to be re-homed back in 2021 after the animal attacked Secret Service agents every single day for a week straight. Commander has now been sent away as well.

Keep in mind that the 24 attacks on Secret Service agents by the Bidens’ abused dogs are not the only times they’ve attacked people. We still don’t know the full number of times that the abused dogs attacked or bit White House personnel. The White House is still covering that information up.