Revealed: The RINO Plot to Keep Trump from Taking Office Next Year

Gil Corzo /
Gil Corzo /

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) shocked political observers when he abruptly resigned from Congress a little over a week ago. With Buck suddenly gone, Republicans now have a slim one-vote majority in the House of Representatives. If you thought that Ken Buck was simply being a jerk to his own party, there’s a lot more to it than that. Buck’s resignation has set a sequence of events in motion that is very likely to lose Republican control of the House so that Democrats can then block the certification of the 2024 election after President Trump wins.

This all started when the uni-party in DC suddenly kicked Rep. George Santos (MAGA-NY) out of the House over a nothingburger. It made no sense whatsoever that any Republicans voted to expel Santos, the most consistently conservative and pro-Trump member in the House. Why would they willingly reduce their majority to just two votes?

Democrats would never do something like that to one of their own. Booting Santos was part of the broader strategy to stop Trump. Would Republicans in Congress relinquish power to the Democrats just to try to prevent the reelection of the most popular president in American history? They already did it once. Remember 2018? There was a huge exodus of RINOs that year who resigned from Congress and handed control of the House to the Democrats, all so they could launch two fake impeachments against Donald Trump.

So now we have Ken Buck resigning, and suddenly Republicans only have a one-vote majority. Here’s where the plot thickens.

Due to redistricting by Colorado Democrats, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was forced to run against Rep. Ken Buck for his seat. Buck was getting killed in the polls in that race. Boebert was up by 25 points. Then, Ken Buck resigned all of a sudden.

Under Colorado law, that triggers a special election to fill the seat, which is coming up in June. The two parties in Colorado have to decide on candidates to run to fill Ken Buck’s seat. That’s a problem for Boebert because the Colorado Republican Party is filled with squishy, spineless RINOs who are butt-hurt because of Donald Trump’s very existence. The party very much hates the vocal, pro-Trump Lauren Boebert.

If she doesn’t run for that seat, they’re likely to replace Ken Buck with some other RINO. If she does opt to run for the seat, it would mean she has to resign from her current seat in Congress. Under Colorado law, a person can’t run for two offices at the same time. And if she resigns from her current seat to do that, it automatically triggers ANOTHER special election to fill that seat later this year.

All of this presents the opportunity for Democrats to pick up two more seats in the House before the end of this session of Congress. Once that happens, Democrats have already openly admitted that they plan to not certify the 2024 election after Donald Trump is democratically elected. It’s a treasonous insurrection if Republican voters try to pause—not stop, but pause—the certification of an election to clear up any questions about voter fraud.

But when Democrats actively block President Trump from taking office, they’ll pretend that it’s a patriotic duty. They have to “save democracy” by keeping the favorite candidate of the voters from taking office.

There was a lot more to Ken Buck’s resignation than just some politician bailing because he’s losing an election by 25 points. This is all part of the uni-party’s evil plan to thwart the will of the American people.