Disney Falls Even Further…

VIAVAL TOURS / shutterstock.com
VIAVAL TOURS / shutterstock.com

Ever heard of the point of no return? It’s like taking that step off the high dive. Once that second foot leaves the platform, there is no going back. No matter what you do, you can’t take that step back.

In a person’s life, this can happen, too. You make a decision that leads you down a certain path, and try as you might; there may be no undoing it. No way to take back that decision. No possibility of returning to life as it was before that moment.

It seems that moment took place for the Walt Disney Company sometime over the last couple of years, you know, ever since they decided to follow leftist leadership and ideals and go woke.

As a result, the company has taken a drastically steep dive, and not for the better. The signs of that are everywhere. And the latest could mean the beginning of the end if they haven’t already hit that point.

Fox Business reported this latest sign on Thursday, suggesting that during the new year sometime (most likely near the year’s end), Disney will be parting ways with both ESPN and ABC. If you didn’t know, Disney owns 80 percent of ESPN, which has been described as somewhat of a “cash cow” for the company. And since ESPN is so closely tied to ABC, the same could be said of that asset.

However, the once-respected children’s company is in dire straits at the moment and desperately needs to focus more on content and cost rationalization than linking itself to possible assets. And since both ESPN and ABC aren’t exactly in line with where the company is or at least should be headed, returning CEO Bob Iger is moving to drop the two.

Analysts at Wells Fargo have reported that “linear and sports trends are diverging from the core IP.” However, those IPs are integrally linked. And so it’s more than likely that sometime after the cut of ESPN and ABC, spinoffs of both by Disney will be created.

But for now, it simply means that the company has fallen pretty far off track. Hence the return of Bob Iger, who, as I mentioned before, has plans to refocus the company, presumably leaving woke ideals and concepts out of the picture.

You know, ideas such as vehemently opposing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Parental Rights in Education Act. Incorrectly nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by the political left, it banned the teaching of sexual education and sexuality to children younger than fourth grade in the state’s public schools.

Disney must not have imagined any real consequences of such opposition. After all, they are a massively successful business with worldwide name cred and support. Who would dare to cross them?

But DeSantis did just that, aligning himself with parents nationwide who don’t want woke sexuality shoved down their child’s throat. The conservative governor revoked Disney’s self-governing status, making them liable for all sorts of things they once held exemption for.

But Disney wasn’t about to give up supporting the indoctrination of your children. and so they created a lesbian kissing scene in their latest “Toy Story” episode, “Lightyear.” But parents didn’t like this, and so the movie flopped rather miserably.

Neither did they like Disney’s release of “Strange World,” which featured the company’s first openly gay teen star. And so it flopped as well.

In fact, parents have been so unimpressed by Disney’s content as of late that even their un-woke movies, such as “Avatar: The Way of Water” didn’t do nearly as well at the box office as was initially expected.

Again, this is presumably exactly why Bob Iger has been brought back to the company. Iger has promised that the company will not become entangled in politics or leftist culture wars under his leadership.

However, as Wells Fargo analysts have suggested, the nixing of ESPN and ABC may be a sign that even Iger won’t be able to fix the company and bring it back to the respected and successful status it once held in the public’s eyes.

After all, if you go woke like Disney, you’re liable to go broke…