Did Hunter Biden Funnel Money Through Rent for Joe’s Delaware Home?

Fedorov Oleksiy / shutterstock.com
Fedorov Oleksiy / shutterstock.com

Take a look at what Hunter Biden is trying to get America to believe now. The president’s son claimed he paid $49,910 a month to live at President Joe Biden’s Delaware residence. This is the same house where classified documents were discovered in the garage.

In a file labeled “background screening test,” a document shows that Hunter Biden lived in the president’s Delaware home between March 2017 and February 2018. But here’s the tricky part, Hunter claimed to “own” the property, according to the found document.

This form was first discovered on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, according to the Washington Examiner. It was shared on Twitter by the New York Post’s Miranda Devine.

Sebastian Gorda, the former deputy assistant to former President Donald Trump, said he doubted that Hunter could afford to pay his father $50,000 a month. And because that price is easily five times higher than what the rent for the house should have been, some have speculated that this was a way for Hunter to funnel money to his father.

This will certainly be focused on by the House Republicans when they investigate the Biden family business.

When Joe Biden was vice president, he appeared to be on the sidelines of his son’s business affairs with other nations including Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan.
The House Oversight Committee sent a letter to the White House this weekend wanting to know if Hunter Biden had access to the classified documents discovered in the Delaware residence.

“The Committee is concerned President Biden stored classified documents at the same location his son resided while engaging in international business deals with adversaries of the United States,” the letter read.

The White House only responded by saying that there were no visitor logs of who had access to the residence.

There is a lot more to know about this building story.