Biden’s Plan to Shut Down Gun Stores Across the Country Leaked

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Is your local gun store still open? We hope it is. Business is certainly booming. But thanks to a deceitful backdoor program of the Biden regime, gun stores across the country are being shut down by the ATF for the tiniest of infractions. The store owners who have their FFL licenses revoked by the ATF are then placed on the agency’s brazenly illegal gun registry, presumably, so the feds can continue keeping an eye on them.

The group Gun Owners of America obtained the documents proving this latest Second Amendment infringement by the government in January of 2022. Under the new guidance issued by the White House, whenever the ATF finds even a minor paperwork violation on any firearms sales or transfers, “the assumed action” is that the ATF will revoke that store’s FFL.

Whereas the ATF used to issue warnings to stores for making minor errors, those same infractions will now lead to the immediate destruction of a gun store and the owner’s livelihood. It’s like the Democrats’ January 6 standard is being applied to small business development.

Under the guidelines of the Trump administration, the ATF had to establish a history of willful violations on firearms forms before it could simply shut down a gun store. Not anymore. Joe Biden will now destroy a small business based on the first offense, even if it is a tiny infraction and a totally human mistake.

This is one of the most brazen assaults on the Second Amendment that we’ve seen since… well since Barack Obama was in office. The documents also prove that the ATF is once again compiling a registry of gun owners in America, including FFLs who have had their licenses revoked, which is blatantly a violation of federal law. GOA has brought the documents to Rep. Michael Cloud (R-LA) and other Republicans on Capitol Hill to try to reverse this new ATF policy, which has already shut down an unknown number of gun stores in America.

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