Hawley Gets Real with DHS Secretary Mayorkas

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

The southern border isn’t getting any better. And it won’t until DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas exits stage left. It’s why the GOP is already looking to impeach the bumbling idiot.

Josh Hawley (R-MO) took some time to read Mayorkas the riot act recently in front of a Senate Committee meeting on Homeland Security.

Oh, don’t worry. We have some incredible video shared by Townhall.com:

Hawley wanted to find out about all of the child smugglings. Mayorkas didn’t have the answer. He never has any hard data, which begs the question of why. He should already know that the Republicans will ask him for such info. And yet, he’s perfectly content with such answers as “I don’t have that number at my disposal.”

Hawley pointed out a few of the alarming statistics along with a story published by the New York Times regarding the number of unaccompanied children coming across the border.

That’s when things got real. “You changed Title 42. You allowed hundreds of thousands of migrant children to come across the border. And then you made it worse.”

Mayorkas didn’t have a great response. He told the senator that he was misstating the facts and that he wants to discuss the issue further.

Hawley was reading the facts. And he was demanding answers because we’ve allowed the Biden administration to break the law repeatedly.

It’s become painfully obvious that VP Harris isn’t going to do anything to help the border issue. And Mayorkas has the audacity to sit there and say, “What we do is we enforce the law.”

Was that his attempt at a joke? There are no laws being enforced when it comes to the border. It’s as if Mayorkas and the rest of the administration have forgotten that the US actually has immigration laws that need to be enforced.

It’s why they get so upset when we call the immigrants “illegal.” You know, because they are here ILLEGALLY. They are breaking immigration laws and Mayorkas and his DHS team do nothing about it.

Mayorkas attempted to say something: “It is stunning to me — stunning — to hear you say that the prior administration reunited children with their parents, when in fact —”

Hawley cut him off before he could hear too much more of the liberal spittle. “Oh, I see, so this is their fault? So you’re not going to take any responsibility for the indentured servitude and exploitation of children that is happening on your watch?”

Exactly. It’s time that Mayorkas either takes responsibility or takes a hike.