Eco-Friendly California Dumps Its Toxic Waste in These 3 States

N Azlin Sha /
N Azlin Sha /

The eco-friendly state of California generates almost 450,000 tons of toxic waste every single year. You might be wondering where they put all of it. Isn’t that a lot of toxic waste for a state that is notorious for its strict environmental laws? We have the answer! A new report shows that California deals with its toxic waste much like Democrat-run blue states deal with illegal immigration. They just dump the problem in red states!

California has apparently been dumping around half of its toxic waste in three red states since 2010: Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Why are they dumping it there? It’s for a very simple reason. It’s much cheaper to dump California’s toxic waste in other states than it is to dump it in California—because of the way that California is “protecting the environment.” One of the biggest out-of-state toxic waste dumping entities is the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.

Don’t worry. This story gets much worse!

Two of California’s favorite locations to dump its toxic waste are right next to two Indian reservations in western Arizona. Because they care about the environment so much. California loves when it can dump its toxic waste at the La Paz County Landfill and the South Yuma Landfill. That way, California can save money on the diesel fuel that’s required to transport their toxic waste. They don’t have to drive as far as when they dump their toxic waste in Nevada or Utah. Plus, California liberals stopped caring about the Indians a long time ago.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who represents western Arizona in Congress, says he has a suggestion for where California’s state government can stick its toxic waste.

“It’s bad enough that liberal Californians are moving in droves to Arizona after torching their own state and turning it into a cesspool of crime and homeless junkies. We certainly don’t need or want their toxic waste,” said Gosar. “Keep your waste in Los Angeles, where it belongs.”

Two years ago, the California legislature passed Senate Bill 158, and the governor and noted environmental scientist Gavin Newsom signed it into law. That law was designed to supposedly protect the environment by imposing crippling taxes and fees on companies that dump their toxic waste in California. The state of California, however, is the single largest creator of toxic waste out there. They made the fines for dumping toxic waste prohibitively expensive to punish private companies, but then they can’t afford to pay their own taxes and fees that they passed into law.

Oh, well. Just dump the trash on Indian reservations in other states. The science says that it’s not harmful to the environment when you dump your toxic waste out-of-state on Indian reservations. Or something.

California created industrial waste incinerators in the 1970s to deal with its toxic waste. Those worked well for a couple of decades until the 1990s. That’s when environmentalist wackos demanded that all the incinerators be shut down in the name of “environmental justice.” Maybe that made the air a little bit cleaner in the short term, but in the long run, it meant that the toxic waste had to go somewhere. So, today it’s going into the soil and the water supply by dumping it in red states. California only has two municipal waste incinerators left in the whole state, and the wackos are calling for those to be shut down as well due to some nonsense about “environmental racism.”

California used to ship its toxic waste all the way to China, to let them deal with it, but the communist government banned the practice in 2018. They could always change the laws to make it cheaper for California to dispose of its toxic waste within the state. But that’s not how environmentalism works in 2023.