New Witness Destroys Entire Trump Doc Narrative

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By now, there’s pretty much no way you haven’t heard of former President Donald Trump’s legal entanglements. Most recently, of course, is the likely soon-to-be indictment of Trump over his supposed mishandling of classified documents.

Then again, a new report, and one that the liberal CNN can’t deny, refute that entire narrative.

The report comes from a former White House official who served as an adviser on declassifying documents for the Obama and Trump administrations. According to him, Trump wasn’t exactly the sneaky, do-as-I-please president the media, FBI, and Department of Justice are trying to paint him as.

In fact, according to this unnamed individual, most of the time, Trump was a bit of a stickler for doing things by the book.

He explained one of those times to CNN, describing how documents were handled after the 2018 memo pertaining to the now-discredited Russia collusion hoax and the subsequent investigation into Trump were finished.

The former official remembers being called into Trump’s office shortly after the then-president had met with National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg. He was quickly told by Eisenberg to “get your declassifying tools.”

The former official, as well as White House attorneys, then worked painstakingly over each and every related document, scrubbing them of sensitive information, making redactions, and reviewing every letter and word before finally and officially declassifying them.

And the officials implied that a similar process occurred more often than not, although he was not always directly involved.

In any case, this report throws a great deal of water on the left’s narrative that Trump simply packed up a bunch of knowingly classified documents and took them with him when he left the White House.

It also gives great credence to Trump’s side of the story, which says that he declassified large numbers of documents and materials before leaving the Oval Office in January 2021.

Of course, this may not be enough to get Trump out of being indicted.

As attorney and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz says, once you receive “the letter that you’re a target, it means you’re indicted. Basically, it means unless you can persuade prosecutors that they have missed something or something’s wrong or something new develops, you will be indicted.”

Dershowitz also says that an indictment like this of a former US president can basically mean only one thing: election interference.

Instead of letting voters decide on Trump’s fate, or at least his political career, Dershowitz says this is an attempt for the DOJ, jurors, lawyers, and judges to make the decision.

Hell, even the former White House official admits that the probes into Trump’s handling of classified materials and a similar one targeting Biden were not equally performed. The Justice Department interviewed this official in both instances, as he is an expert on declassifying documents.

And he says that just as expected, the “intensity” levels of each were far different. In Biden’s case, it was more of just going through the motions, saying the right words, and asking the right questions. With Trump, however, it was all about trying to trip him and his story up in any way possible.

Of course, Trump is in full agreement, noting that this is nothing more than the political left’s latest attempt to “get” him, no matter the cost or what it takes. It’s also proof of just how corrupt and lawless the current administration, as well as law enforcement agencies like the FBI, have become.

With an indictment sure to come now, things will likely get very interesting.