MSM Complains Courtroom Sketch Artist Making Trump Look Too Handsome

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Liberals have a new complaint about President Donald Trump (America’s real president who won 2020 by a lot). After Trump was arraigned in federal court on something like 40,000 fake paperwork charges last week, liberals are in a tiff because they claim that a courtroom sketch artist has made him look too young, handsome, and virile.

Sketch artist William J. Hennessy, age 65, says he’s never received any pushback before during all his years as a courtroom sketcher. He says he just tries to draw what he sees.

That’s just not good enough for the libs in whose heads President Trump lives 24/7 rent-free. One Twitter user asks, “Is this William J Hennessy Jr’s audition to do Trump’s official Whitehouse portrait?”

Another lib asked, “They got Trump looking like ‘Prince of Tides’ Nick Nolte in this sketch.”

As always, liberals don’t seem to understand that their “insults” of the God Emperor are actually part of why he is so appealing to tens of millions of American voters. They might as well complain about his mean tweets because WHO COULD SUPPORT THOSE?!

“Courtroom sketch-gate” will now join the long list of “controversies” about President Trump that makes him so appealing to normal, mentally healthy people. Trump only became more popular after Ice Cream-Gate, in which CNN lied about him getting two scoops of ice cream at a state dinner while all the other guests only got one.

It also joins Lego-Gate, in which the media freaked out over President Trump’s 5-year-old grandson claiming he had built a Lego White House replica all by himself. The Washington Post sent an entire team to cover that story. Yes, that actually happened.

Look, liberals. We get it. You’re triggered by President Trump. You’re triggered by the fact that all men want to be like him, and all women want to be with him. Get over it. President Trump is handsome and virile, and no amount of wishing is going to change that.