As World Population Day Arrives, Are Some Countries Doing Too Much To Keep Populations Down?

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July 11th marks the United Nations’ own World Population Day. First started in 1989, it was done in commemoration of the 5 billion people day in 1987. Since then, we have hit 7 billion in 2011, and 8 billion is estimated to happen in 2023. Resolution 45/216 in December 1990 ensured that the holiday would persist in perpetuity for eternity.

As of May 2022, the United Nations reached a milestone to go along with the surge in population; 100 million forcibly displaced people across the globe. While a large number of these people are from the conflict in Ukraine, many are also in Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Venezuela. These people were left with no choice and were ultimately forced to find a new place to call home.

Part of avoiding that happening again is the control of the population. Different countries and cultures view this task very differently.

After years of a one-child policy, China removed it and instituted a two-child policy in 2016, and three in 2021. While the previous action to limit the number of children born was designed to keep their population in check, the population fell too quickly. Before this, families were having abortions left and right to avoid paying the “family maintenance” fees. Since they could reach 2000 yuan ($500), it was a fine most could not afford.

Now, the Chinese have the opposite problem. Scores of Chinese women have refused to have families, and now the Chinese government is doing everything it can to encourage people to not only have families but to procreate as much as possible. Given how these fines tend to primarily impact lower-income families, many had no choice but to undergo these horrific and traumatic abortions, leaving them and their surviving child(ren) deeply traumatized by the event.

India is another country with a surging population and incredible advancements in technology. With their decision to not place limits on childbirth rates, their population has skyrocketed as a result. This means that despite much of their population living in squaller and poverty, they are experiencing more births than deaths every year. This repopulation and growth is something that has forced the hand of innovation and production and propelled India into the conversation about replacing China as the most populated nation.

Here in the US, we’ve never placed restrictions on childbirth. Instead, we as a nation have helped encourage it by helping those who cannot afford their family to grow one. Through welfare reform, public assistance, and rent-controlled housing, the US population has been able to remain consistent and help propel society and innovation forward.

The problem is the leftists in this country don’t care about keeping the population in check, responsibly.

Instead, they want selective breeding. By encouraging, funding, and pushing for abortions to be not only legal but no longer a source of shame, they have normalized the killing of the innocent in cold blood. When you can walk into a CVS and find Plan B just as easily as you can locate antacids or bandages, it represents a problem in that country. Their efforts to make condoms also more accessible have instead led to some being shunned and treated as if they are more of an inconvenience than anything.

Preventing these pregnancies in the first place would be the key idea to avoiding abortions, and the best way to do that is through contraceptives, something that the liberals love to push when they can make a buck on it. They aren’t encouraging sensible contraception or even abstinence. This refusal to make intelligent and responsible decisions is the hallmark of the liberal agenda, and it is sending this country in a handbasket.

Celebrate World Population Day by adding to it. You might not see the fruits of your labor for another nine months or so, but it’s better than taking away from the population either.