Going Gold is the Way to Go, and Roger Stone Agrees

AF Branco / Creators.com
AF Branco / Creators.com

In today’s day and age, it’s harder to make your money work for you. Considering that interest rates on savings accounts are abysmal and even CDs are worthless, it’s hard to determine where the best investment opportunities are.

More and more financial analysts are pointing toward gold as the way to go. It has been considered one of the best commodities because it is capable of hedging against inflation and deflation.

Some say it is also a good way to diversify a portfolio. Particularly when there are geopolitical uncertainties, gold is capable of providing good financial cover.

Roger Stone, a conservative political consultant who worked closely with the Trump campaign, has come forward to talk about his financial portfolio, which includes the commodity of gold.

What many don’t realize about Stone is that he lost quite a bit during the Mueller investigation. As a result, he’s had to depend heavily on his investments to get back to where he was.

With the economy crashing down around us, Stone doesn’t trust the system anymore – and with good reason. He believes that gold is the way to enjoy both liquidity and safety.

Especially with many liberals talking about moving us to a digital currency, we can’t be sure that our money is safe anymore. Gold is a safer option – especially when we’re dealing with record inflation and instability.

As Stone pointed out, we never expected the liberals to steal the election, and yet they did. So assuming that the liberals would never go as far as to move us to digital currency isn’t something anyone should bet on. The last thing we want is to see cash money becoming worthless.

It’s why investing in gold is an option that many more conservatives are moving toward.

There’s also the belief that some credit card companies and banks will start to target consumers as a result of their political leaning. Considering that the Biden administration controls most of these entities, who do you think they’re going to target?

We’re facing turbulent times. As you dive deeper into your existing portfolio and begin to plan for the future with various investments, think about what your options are. You may want to start exploring an option that is a bit safer for you as a conservative, and the answer may very well be gold and even silver.