NYC Illegals Waiting To Get Inside Fight Over Spilled Coffee

Donald Bowers Photography /
Donald Bowers Photography /

On January 6th, NYC Democratic Mayor Eric Adams had the latest illegal immigrants waiting to get into the shelter as the city was preparing for what was expected to be horrific storms. With over 400 of them in line, one man tried cutting in line holding a cup of coffee. He smashed into people, and his steaming hot cup spilled on others in the line.

Naturally, the hot coffee and already bad attitudes turned this incident into a fistfight – one that quickly spread out amongst others in line. Samantha Hernandez, a 27-year-old migrant from Mexico, told the New York Post, “People were punching each other and fighting — a lot of people. I think they were desperate about the situation — it’s very bad. There’s too many people, and there’s not a lot of opportunities for us here. And [the city] treats us like animals.”

When police interfered, they were attacked by the group for trying to force the illegals back and to stop the fight. Gathered to apply for another round of temporary housing, they were all eager for their crack at another 30 days of security in the shelter. Located at the St. Brigid School, it’s the only place illegals can apply for housing. This means very long lines and incredible frustration are just part of the game.

For NYPD, this is just another day at the office. Arresting the main people involved in the skirmish, no word has been given about what charges the DA will elect to file, if any. Since the arrival, the DA’s office has been increasingly reluctant to file charges against these illegals. Instead of being sympathetic to the New Yorkers who are dealing with this massive influx of illegals, they are instead caring more about the illegals and their “rights.”